November 17, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 11 – Get Tribal

During the party years I would finish my photo work around 2am, sometimes I would stick around and party with the DJ's and promo teams. On the occasion that I would end up staying till closing, we would head over for an afterparty... somewhere.

The tunes that would be flying around there were always very tribal, and I loved it! This mix is my tribute to those times. It's time to get deep...

October 12, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 09 – Staring out the window

My musical tastes changed over the years. These days I love to create mixes that create space. While the tunes are anything but dance floor friendly, they suit me more during my downtime, and they create a rhythm to think, and hopefully create. This mix is one such expression.

And I'm really happy with the mixing on this one. I think I'm starting to get better at this...


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