July 10, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 04 – New(ish) Tracks

Up to this moment I've been been grabbing a selection of tunes that are around, or just tracks that I've enjoyed other DJs mix at various times. This time I decided to select some of my favourite new tracks and remixes over the last 12 months or so.

A few folks have asked, 'What's the deal with the vocal sample in your intro?'. Well that comes from one of my all-time favourite movies 'Human Traffic', as does the cover art (see below). If you haven't seen it and you love clubbing, you have to watch it. If ever I feel a bit lonely I chuck it on and it's like a warm blanket, do yourself a favour.

Anyways, enjoy the mix!

May 7, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 01 – Practice makes perfect

Hello world!

From the moment I identified myself as an 'Ampersand', I wanted to reduce my fear of trying new things. Having been a lover of all things electronic music for many years, I have always been a fan of the dance floor, and a well crafted set of tunes. Friends would always suggest that I should give it a go, but was always too scared.

So here's my first official attempt at recording a set of tunes. I'd love to hear your comments.


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