July 10, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 04 – New(ish) Tracks

Up to this moment I've been been grabbing a selection of tunes that are around, or just tracks that I've enjoyed other DJs mix at various times. This time I decided to select some of my favourite new tracks and remixes over the last 12 months or so.

A few folks have asked, 'What's the deal with the vocal sample in your intro?'. Well that comes from one of my all-time favourite movies 'Human Traffic', as does the cover art (see below). If you haven't seen it and you love clubbing, you have to watch it. If ever I feel a bit lonely I chuck it on and it's like a warm blanket, do yourself a favour.

Anyways, enjoy the mix!

June 11, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 02 – All About The House

I'm back!

Well that last experience sure was nerve-racking. I really hate the sound of own voice, some weird Australian bogan mix of Howard Stern and Peewee Herman... ergh! But if first you don't succeed..

I had to devote the next mix to my favourite of all electronic music genres, house music. So again this an exercise in experimenting in mixing. I'm using an app by Algoriddim called djay 2 for the iPad. Yes, this whole mix is done with an iPad Pro. I have no way to pre cue any of the tracks, so the beat matching is out there for all to hear. I try to mask the really bad screw ups with some voiceover. Enjoy!

May 7, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 01 – Practice makes perfect

Hello world!

From the moment I identified myself as an 'Ampersand', I wanted to reduce my fear of trying new things. Having been a lover of all things electronic music for many years, I have always been a fan of the dance floor, and a well crafted set of tunes. Friends would always suggest that I should give it a go, but was always too scared.

So here's my first official attempt at recording a set of tunes. I'd love to hear your comments.


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