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Bedroom DJ 14 – Dark and Long

Hey everyone. Did you miss me?

In my time off I bought myself a few new toys, including a little two channel mixer, a MIDI controller for recordings, some lights, and a little space in the garage. So bedroom DJ moves out of the bedroom, and into the garage. To celebrate this momentus occasion I have set up some cameras to capture me having a little fun.

This mix is a monster. Three and a half hours of #chill, #dark, and #melodic #house #music, with a little #techno on the side.  To hear the unedited version, use the Mixcloud player below. Otherwise you can try the youtube link above to see me jumping around.




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Bedroom DJ 13 – I Love You, Man

I originally put together two mixes over the summer, but with the craziness of Christmas, and the stress of work, I never had a chance to publish these. So I put them together and here we are. The first hour is devoted to the classic chill out format. And the second hour is very melodic, the perfect soundtrack for that classic 4am house party D&M. Tracks from Kidnap Kid, Dirty South, Tom Middleton, Cubicolor and Yotto.

I think I might take a break from the recording for a little while. I need a little time to unwind, spend with myself.

November 30, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 12 – Pool Party

I've been having a whole lot of fun showcasing mixes where I work, given the audience I've been looking for a list of easy-listening vibes. The result is this mix - we take things pool side. Grab some shades and put on some sunscreen, it's a summer deck pool party featuring classic tunes from Moloko and Kaskade, a few new fresh tunes from the likes of Duke Dumont, Dusky and Marian Hill.



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Ampersand Radio – November 2017

Trying something a little different again, put together about 3 hours of a radio program I simply call 'Ampersand Radio'. Welcome to the very first episode. Rather than focusing on mixing, I wanted to just play songs and partake in a little talk back. Album Inspired from Radiohead's 'A Moon Shaped Pool', Track One Side One from Michael Jackson, EP from Andrew Bayer. The program also includes Bedroom DJ Sessions 11 - devoted to Tribal and Tech House Music

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Bedroom DJ 11 – Get Tribal

During the party years I would finish my photo work around 2am, sometimes I would stick around and party with the DJ's and promo teams. On the occasion that I would end up staying till closing, we would head over for an afterparty... somewhere.

The tunes that would be flying around there were always very tribal, and I loved it! This mix is my tribute to those times. It's time to get deep...

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Bedroom DJ 10 – Funkin’ In Heaven

Let's bring the funk!

When I think of funky house, you can't go past Norman Cook aka Fat Boy Slim. I've always been a massive fan of ongoing raves on Brighton Beach. This mix is my tribute to those good times.

I may have had a few too many drinks and mixed terribly. I'm sorry about that. LOL

October 12, 2017No Comments

Bedroom DJ 09 – Staring out the window

My musical tastes changed over the years. These days I love to create mixes that create space. While the tunes are anything but dance floor friendly, they suit me more during my downtime, and they create a rhythm to think, and hopefully create. This mix is one such expression.

And I'm really happy with the mixing on this one. I think I'm starting to get better at this...

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Bedroom DJ 08 – My girl

My life exists during two monumental periods - before my wife came into my life, and after. In fact, we joke that the time before my beautiful wife came into my life we refer to as BK (before Kellie). But after my girl came along, my clubbing fun took on a totally new dimension. This mix I devote to my wife and the fun we had out in the clubs for a solid ten years, before we grew a little too old to party that hard.

This one is for you.

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Bedroom DJ – Euro 90s Dance (3 mix set)

This 3 x mix set all started from a drunken night, when my wife and I got home. We started playing a couple of harmless 90's dance tracks, but this soon escalated into a 4-hour request battle, matching each other's teenage favourites, while bouncing around the living room to the all hours of the morning.

The end result is a range of mixes inspired by 90's Euro Dance - starting with pop, and ending with rave. So get your yellow tinted wraps out, don your candy, and put on your white sneakers, it's time to hit the strobing dance floor!

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Bedroom DJ 04 – New(ish) Tracks

Up to this moment I've been been grabbing a selection of tunes that are around, or just tracks that I've enjoyed other DJs mix at various times. This time I decided to select some of my favourite new tracks and remixes over the last 12 months or so.

A few folks have asked, 'What's the deal with the vocal sample in your intro?'. Well that comes from one of my all-time favourite movies 'Human Traffic', as does the cover art (see below). If you haven't seen it and you love clubbing, you have to watch it. If ever I feel a bit lonely I chuck it on and it's like a warm blanket, do yourself a favour.

Anyways, enjoy the mix!


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